Stone Soup Studio is located in Langford, overlooking the beautiful Royal Colwood Golf Course at 651 Fairway Ave.

J. Scott has been teaching creative sewing, fibre art and textile skills at Stone Soup Studio for both kids & adults for nearly a decade. She also teaches at Cedar Hill Recreation Center and the Esquimalt Recreation Centre.

The Legend of Stone Soup (or how my studio got its name)

The Stone Soup story is one of poor travellers entering an equally poor village looking for food. As no one had anything to spare, the travellers offered to cook the village a big pot of ‘stone soup’. While a kettle was filled, and put on to boil, one traveler took from his pocket a large smooth stone. He placed this in the boiling water and said “This will be fine, but it would taste better with at least one carrot” The villagers complied and brought a carrot. Then he said “This is good, but it would taste even better with a potato”. Again, the villagers complied. As the story goes, everyone was able to add a little something to the pot, until a fine feast was made for all.
To me, this is a story of community making and creating something out of nothing.

When I first started my studio, there were many young kids on my street. They all knew they could come by & create whenever the yellow door was open. Some came regularly, sometimes there were group gatherings, but they were always free to my neighbourhood kids.
In return, my neighbours showered me with enough art supplies to teach everyone. Stone Soup Studio was born! 

J. Scott

Beginning with drawing and fine art, J. then moved into textiles. From sewing all her own garments and weaving tapestry,  to embroidery, spinning yarn and felt making.

just for fun

Horsing around at
Stone Soup Studio,
with a student trying on one  my  paper maché
Giant Heads